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marc beuvain tibo 450Marc Beuvain

Marc’s aim is to make the tools for independence in physical and mental health accessible to all. He seeks to contribute to our evolution through the transmission of yoga for physical, mental and emotional health. At the heart of his work is the most essential aspect of yoga: the deep individual and collective transformations, which flow from freedom of consciousness.

—His Journey—


At the age of 19, Marc becomes aware of the vital necessity for our society to move on from its animal ways and all the identity crises and pathologies they create. He learns how yoga can support this transformation.


At 22, Marc decides to devote a year to the study of yoga practice and its traditional texts in India, and returns there several times over the following eight years.

Developing Skills

During this period, as Marc’s personal practice moves on to another level, he teaches in many different settings: schools, orphanages, nursing homes, companies, mental health centres …
He also travels extensively, teaching at international seminars and gaining experience in the western yoga community: Europe, United States, Brazil, Australia…
Marc’s teaching skills emerge from the reality of all this direct experience. At 30 years old, his knowledge and skills allow him to evolve an approach that is both anchored in an intimate understanding of traditional Indian yoga teaching and infused with very up to date personal experience.

Creating Opportunities for Transmission

Aware that he offers skills which set themselves apart from most yoga taught today, Marc develops his own training courses and enjoys taking them to a number of European venues. Yoga teachers, teacher-trainers and therapists quickly show a keen interest in his teaching. They discover a very unique way of teaching independently and creatively in a way that caters for all needs and abilities. As well as a solid technical base, Marc also teaches the traditional texts with characteristic vision and commitment, a process which is extremely nourishing for his students’ personal development.

Creation of the First Vicitra Yoga Centre

At 38, Marc founds his first centre for holistic health in Guadeloupe, along with a team of committed teachers and therapists. Vicitra offers yoga therapy through emotional and physical reconstruction, detoxification and regeneration through diet and herbs, iridology and massage.
Beyond its therapeutic reach, Vicitra is also a training centre dedicated to the transmission of yoga teaching skills. Future teachers acquire a solid technical base and also benefit from personalised practical training.


Carried by his determination, his thirst for coherence, and his aptitudes as a therapist and lecturer, Marc is present in several European countries, independently transmitting the principles and tools of holistic and spiritual health.

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