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Yoga Therapy: the keys to physical and emotional health

If you are a yoga teacher, these four weekends will help you to spread your wings as you discover a more creative, independent approach to yoga teaching, and explore the therapeutic approach as an individualised and precise response to your clients’ needs.

As a yoga practitioner, these workshops will enable you do explore wider horizons in your practice as you learn to adapt postures, meditation and breathing exercises to your own personal parameters.

By the end of this short but intense course you will have a solid base of knowledge and experience, and be able to design specific therapeutic practices for your students or yourself.

16-17 February

Workshop 1
Yoga Therapy: The most refined form of adapted yoga teaching

16-17 March

Workshop 2
The spine and its central role in health and posture

13-14 April

Workshop 3
Yoga therapy: Relieving back pain, muscle tension, joint pain and hernias

25-26 May

Workshop 4
Emotional health and Freedom of Consciousness

Practical information


W1: 16-17 February 2019
W2: 16-17 March 2019
W3: 13-14 April 2019
W3: 25-26 May 2019

9.30am to 5.30pm with one hour’s lunch break.


Light Centre Moorgate, 114 London Wall, London, EC2M 5QA
Website :

Teaching fees

£190 per week-end

Who can come?

These workshops are open to yoga teachers, therapists and experienced practitioners.

Other information

Duration: 7 hours per day. 56 hours for the whole Yoga therapy course.

Maximum participants: 20

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