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Reference Text for Yogis Past and Present

This module is suitable for everybody – beginners, advanced students or teachers – wishing to acquire precise knowledge of this fundamental text. The Yoga Sutra-s present the subtlest workings of the human being, from our deepest suffering to our highest spiritual possibilities.

In-depth Study: Become an Independent Philosopher

Each of the 195 sutra-s will be translated word by word and explained. This way of teaching hands you the keys, allowing you to use your direct knowledge of the text to nourish your practice, your reflection and your decisions on a daily basis.

Going Beyond Study: Understanding

The text allows us to understand all the aspects, the workings, the problems and the potentials of the human being. It presents, clearly and directly, a multitude of tools, techniques and paths leading to holistic health.

Beyond personal progress, the text also brings us understanding of all the underlying and evident imbalance in today’s society.

To allow for deeper understanding and integration of the text, each sutra will be commentated using “real life” examples.

Down to Earth

Yoga is not, and never has been, a subject to intellectualise. It is teaching to experience.

Much more than a few theoretical ideas on which to ruminate, the text can lead to realisations and awakenings of the kind that bring about lasting personal transformation.

The Whole Spectrum of Yoga

A text of reference and authority for generations of yogis, the Yoga Sutra-s present the whole dimension of yoga. Way beyond a weekly hour of gym, yoga is a lifestyle, a philosophy, a path towards health on all levels. With only 3 of the 195 sutra-s dealing with postures, the depth and perpetuity of yoga are immediately understandable through this text.

Time to Practise

During each workshop, the lectures will be interspersed with practices, helping you to maintain comfort and concentration, and allowing you to experiment with certain areas of the text.

Practical information


To be announced soon


To be announced soon


9.30am – 5.30pm

Teaching fees:

£190 / weekend


 To be announced soon

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