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We are almost permanently absorbed by our inner conflict: physically absorbed, mentally absorbed and emotionally absorbed. We are cut off from the essential relationship with ourselves, and these conflicts take root in our relationships with others, with our work, and with the world around us. We cannot live fully, and the consequences range from a general lack of well-being to very definite pathologies.

What would happen if you began to love yourself again?
to embrace your deepest feelings?

Yoga is an invitation to heal emotional conflict, to free ourselves through the body, the mind and the breath. It’s an invitation to explore conscious living, an invitation to trust our deepest feelings.

When we reconnect with ourselves on a very deep level, we are able to understand and embrace the obstacles in our lives, free from the influence of emotional conflict.

The fundamental yogic texts such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali bring us a deeper understanding of the workings of inner conflict, and of the tools to heal it.

The calm that results from this practice is holistic: the body, the mind and the emotions realign in a state of inner harmony, and life can start.

Each workshop with Marc Beuvain is an inner journey, an exploration of the art of conscious living. Through postures, meditation, inner exploration exercises, breathing exercises, explanations and discussions, Marc empowers each individual on their unique path to heal inner conflict.

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